Lucy Watson And Proudlock Do His ‘N’ Hers Jewellery

Catch Made In Chelsea last night? If so, you would’ve seen Lucy Watson‘s love life taking a backseat as she comforted broken-hearted BFF Stevie Johnson and defended sister Tiff Watson’s blossoming romance with Sam.

In fact, Lucy and Proudlock’s fling seemed to have come to a positive standstill. But off-screen, we can’t help but notice a whole lot of flirting still going down…

Last week, we spotted the pair spending the evening together at the Pandora Wishes event in London. So far, so cute.

And now, they’ve got us aww-ing even more with their adorable Instagram gift exchange.

Kicking off proceedings, Proudlock took to his account to share a snap of his smart new Shark Jaw Cufflinks from Lucy’s very own Creature Jewellery range. Oh, we wonder who gave him those?

‘Loving my new cuff links from @creaturejewellery. Thanks @imlucywatson’, he captioned the photo.

At £150, these badboys didn’t come cheap. But Pruders is clearly worth it…

And Lucy didn’t go empty-handed, either. Proudlock made the ultimate romantic gesture in giving his on/off smooching partner her very own Proudlock earring – you know, that dangly silver cross that never leaves his ear.

‘Glad you like your cufflinks @proudlock I miss my little cross earring from @sergedenimes’, Ms W captioned a snap of her rocking her own. 

But what’s this? She misses it? Did Pruders ask for it back post-fling?

Considering the luxe gift she’s just given to you, we suggest you get a pair re-delivered in a bow-wrapped box pronto, Pruders.

Oh, you guys…

By Robyn Munson