Lucy Meck: “Only Ever Change One Thing At A Time”

How Does The Pretty Little Thing Range Encompass Your Style?

“Pretty Little Thing in general is a really young, cool brand and with mine, I think I just want to add a little bit more glamour. It’s quite pretty, lots of lace, pleats – it’s girly but still sophisticated.”

How Much Input Do You Have With The Range?

“So the first time around I had a look at a few styles and adapted them and added things I liked, but this was basically all me which was amazing! This was because I have built the trust with the brand and it all worked really well last time. So I sat down with the designers, looked at mood boards, improved styles together and fabrics. So yeah every piece is from me! Some of the pieces are inspired by pieces I love, designer pieces, that I wanted to adapt slightly.”

How Would You Describe The Pretty Little Thing Girl?

“Young, trendy, just wants to go out and look really nice – wants to get a new outfit for a Saturday night.”

Who Would Be Your Dream Celeb To Be Seen In Your Designs?

“Someone like Pixie Lott would be amazing, she always looks so good.”

What’s Your Favourite Piece From The New Collection And How Might You Style It?

“I think the biggest wow one for me is the emerald green one. I think it would be perfect for Christmas parties and I really think it would suit any figure.”

This teal-hued frock is right up our street. Lucy’s fave piece from the collection.

Which Key Autumn Trends Inspired The Collection?

“I think we’ve tried to incorporate Sixties and Seventies because they’re both such massive trends. We shot in this gorgeous Seventies house which hadn’t been touched. It was amazing!”

Do You Look To Any Designers For Inspiration Particularly?

“So I think a few pieces are inspired by a couple of Valentino dresses I love, one which I wore for my birthday.”

What About Other Celebrities, Do You Have A Style Icon?

“Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo and also, Claudia Winkleman – I love her on the red carpet because she does it a little bit differently to everyone else.”

If You Wear Something From Your Range Does It Instantly Sell Out?

“Haha kind of – the Imogen dress that I wore to the launch from the last collection sold out in ten minutes! And then the second time around, it sold out in twenty minutes!”

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Is There A Trend That You Would Never Wear?

“I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t wear. I’m not a massive follower of trends, I just wear what I feel comfortable in. But I don’t think I would ever wear the loafer platform shoes. I’m too girly I like them on other people but I just can’t pull them off.”

What’s Your Biggest Fashion Faux Pas?

“I don’t think I’ve had anything that was awful, but I do look back and think maybe I overdid the bodycon and bandage back in the day!”

Lucy shows off a seriously Seventies jumpsuit. Lucy shows off a seriously Seventies ensemble in the shoot.

We Love How You Took Your Body Shamers Down On Instagram Recently, What Prompted You To Do That?

“I just think that no one can win anymore and that they should give it a rest. I think it’s really important to be healthy but at the same time, if you are comfortable in your own skin then what’s the point in commenting on someone else and I think actually it shows an insecurity in that person. But I just hate it and it’s happening so much at the moment. I love that all the celebrities are speaking out. But there’s not a day on my Twitter that I don’t get, ‘Oh you’ve had your lips done’, ‘You’ve had your bum done’, and I don’t know how many times I have got to post that I have never had any surgery! Nothing at all. I can’t be bothered anymore so I thought I’d do that and I’ll leave it.”

If You Could Give One Piece Of Advice To Girls Who Don’t Feel Comfortable In Their Own Skin, What Would It Be?

“I would say, do something about it, make yourself feel better. Exercise makes you feel great, buy a new outfit, go and get your hair blow dryed. Just walk out with your head held high, don’t worry what people think. You know yourself at your best and if you’re not there for a certain reason, just make yourself feel good by making small changes.”

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Do You Keep In Touch With Lydia And Any Of The Other Girls From The Show?

“Yes we do, I went for lunch with her just a couple of days before she did the Machu Picchu trek and she was terrified! But yeah I keep in touch with Lydia probably the most, we see each other quite alot.”

Would You Ever Consider Going Back To TOWIE?

“No. I would love them to do something when it ends like a little one-off episode of a little mini movie or something but right now, no I don’t want to no.”

Two of our favourite pieces from the collection. Two of our favourite pieces from the collection.


Do You Ever As Louis For Style Advice And Vice Versa?

“He is interested in fashion. He dresses immaculately, I love what he wears, but with me, he just says everything looks lovely which is not very helpful.”

Can You Describe Your Perfect Date?

“I have to say our first date because it was my favourite ever date. We put up his Christmas tree and had loads of red wine and cheese and had champagne in the hot tub and watched movies all night. Oh and we watched Strictly so he was teaching me all the dances!”

Are You Trying Anything New In Fitness?

“Something I do alot every day is skipping. I am trying to learn tricks to make it a little bit more fun because otherwise you can only do about a minute – it’s so hard. But if you learn to do some tricks, you can actually go a bit longer and make it a bit more fun. I also tried some paddle board yoga in Ibiza which was amazing! I’m also trying a bit more weight training at the moment.”

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What About Food, Have You Got Any Healthy New Addictions?

“Yes I do! I got a spiraliser for my birthday and I love it – I’m just excited that I can eat spaghetti bolognese all the time now!”

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting Out With Exercise? How Can You Get Into A Routine If You’re Not Really In One?

“Find something you enjoy and get a group of girls together to go and do a similar class once a week. I would say the best thing to do is book it in. Don’t just join a gym and say ‘I’ll go’. Book something in your diary or find a set class to go to every week.”

Do You Have a Favourite Fitness Quote?

“Change one thing at a time – don’t try and do everything at once. And there’s no right time of year to start. Every always thinks that it’s just in January or at the beginning of summer that you should train, but actually if you do it all year round, it’s alot easier!”

Why Do You Think Cheat Days Are Important?

“Because you need to enjoy life! I love food, absolutely love food and I always say cheat meals, rather than cheat days. People just think a cheat day is where you just sit and stuff your face with KFC all day but you can’t do that. So I think through the week, allow yourself a certain amount of cheat treats whether that be a meal or a snack. But it’s really important because food is amazing and you shouldn’t restrict yourself because you’ll just end up pigging out – well that’s what I do anyway.”

Glamorous feathers are all over the collection. Glamorous feathers are all over the collection.

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What’s Your Secret to Having Such Amazing Skin?

“Drink lots of water, take all your make-up off before you go to bed. Once a week, I will put on a gradual tan. I use a Liz Earle moisturiser which is lovely. That’s about it – I am pretty low maintenance with my skin.”

If You Could Leave The House With Only Three Beauty Items, What Would They Be?

“Mascara, concealer and lip gloss.”

Essex Girls Are Known For Their Glamour. How Long Does It Really Take You To Get Ready?

“It depends what I’m doing but day to day, about ten minutes – I barely wear any make-up normally. And on a night out, an hour?…But that is after a blow dry haha!”

You can shop Lucy’s new collection at Pretty Little Thing today! We’ll have one of everything please!