Lucy Meck Gives Us Her Ultimate Fitness Tips

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In celebration of our #LoveYourBody week, fitness fanatic and LOOK favourite Lucy Mecklenburgh has already given her secrets to body confidence, and now the new Ellesse poster girl has shared her exclusive fitness tips. Take note, ladies.


We love the new Ellesse range Lucy. Which is your favourite piece?

I love the bright coral top! It’s so comfortable to work out in and it’s nice to wear a bright colour while training. It’s also a bit sexy with the low sides & back.

Which piece would you wear for what type of exercise?

The leggings are great for HIIT training. It’s so intense and fast that having work out gear that can absorb quickly really helps!

Why did you want to team up with Ellesse?

It’s my second year working with Ellesse now and it’s just a great fit working together! I like how varied the ranges are and having my fitness business Results with Lucy, which over 200,000 women use, means I’m really passionate about fitness & living a healthy active lifestyle so we’re a great match! Ellesse and I worked together on design ideas which is fantastic as I love being really involved with everything I do and I want women to feel really confident & comfortable while their working out.


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How often do you train? What do you think the optimum amount of times a week is?

I train around 4-5 days a week for an hour and would recommend 30-60mins every other day. 

Have you discovered any new exercise crazes recently?

I’m absolutely obsessed with skipping! It’s such a great form of cardio! I take my rope everywhere with me and I’ve recently had lessons to learn tricks & keep it fun. I’ve filmed them for Results with Lucy so you can join in on my lessons. 

How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to fitness?

My motivation is sometimes a holiday or an event but mainly all my fans and followers! I want to keep inspiring as many women as I can to become fitter & healthier. Health is so important and there are so many mixed messages and potentially damaging quick fix weight loss products on the market. I promote eating real food, regular exercise & looking after your body and I want to spread this message to as many people as possible.

Who are your favourite fitness people to follow on instagram?

Kayla Itsines – she has a killer body – and Jessica Alba, I’ve always liked her style and how she lives a fit and healthy lifestyle. She always looks great.

Lucy Meck for Ellesse Lucy Meck for Ellesse

Ellesse at JD Sports Crop T-shirt, £18

Ellesse at JD Sports Capri Pants, £25





What is your favourite exercise? And least fave?

My faves are skipping, any ab workouts like bicycle crunches, sit ups & planks.

My least faves are the dreaded burpees! And jumping lunges, yuck! 

If you’ve only got 20 minutes to squeeze a workout in, what would you recommend doing?

HIIT training, it’s one of my favourite workouts as it works so many parts of the body. It includes so many different exercises that I never get bored of doing it.

How do you get out of a rut when you haven’t been to the gym in a while? 

It’s all about your mindset. Have a goal to work towards. Keep reminding yourself of this goal and why it’s important to you. Book in your training sessions then have five good days and two cheat days a week.

Does Louis give you fitness tips? Who’s the fitter one?

That’s a hard one haha! We both do very different training. I do HIIT, Pilates etc and he does everything in a gymnastics gym using the apparatus. He tells me to really focus on getting a strong core as it helps with loads of other exercises & puts less stress on your back. I love that fitness is such an important part of both our lives as we completely respect how important it is to stay focused, prioritise training and being fit and healthy.


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Make up in the gym – is it a yes or no?

Hell no!

But which beauty products do you always keep in your bag for post gym touch ups?

I always keep a face mist in my gym bag, something like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir because it freshens up my skin after a workout. It smells amazing too!

And do you rely on products to soothe aching muscles after a workout?

I use Molton Brown muscle bath soak & sports massage once a month.

Are there any beauty products you can’t live without?

I love the Sunkissed gradual tanning lotion – I love looking bronzed and this does just that. It’s really moisturising and adds a hint of colour. The Sunkissed bronzer is great too, it adds dimension to my cheeks and adds a bit of colour.


OK, so that’s fitness covered, and guess what? We’ve got an exclusive interview with Luc on her diet too. Watch this space.


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By Bridie Wilkins