The Big Q: Is Love Island *Really* Sexist?

Look, we’re loving Love Island, we’ll admit it, it’s been a guilty pleasure since episode one. But from the bikini line up in first show to the treatment of (now former) Miss GB, Zara Holland, after she had a one night stand with fellow contestant Alex Bowen, is the show a little bit sexist?

Olivia Foster (LOOK’s Features Writer) says Yes!

Love Island is one of those shows that I watch whilst deep down knowing it’s just a tiny bit bad, why? Because as a hashtag feminist I’ve got to admit that the treatment of women on the show’s just not very 2016, is it? Firstly the line up – where the men were initially allowed to choose their partners – goes no way to dispel the idea that women are meant to hang around waiting to be plucked from their sad spinsterdom by a handsome gentleman. And secondly, when Zara Holland had sex with Alex Bowen (heaven forbid!) she was largely berated by the rest of her cast mates – behind her back, obvs – proving that even now a woman can’t have a consensual one night stand without being judged. Seriously guys, this is addictive viewing, but isn’t it about time you go with the times?

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Giselle Wainwright (LOOK’s Features & Ent Editor) says No!

Ok, so first up Zara should not have been stripped of her Miss GB crown for having consensual sex but that’s not the fault of the Love Island producers – that’s down to the contest runners themselves. But, that aside, I don’t think the show is sexist, the fact of the matter is these women haven’t been forced to take part, they’re their of their own free will! I think sometimes we tend to take things like this a little too seriously, the show is meant to be a bit of fun and let’s be honest, it’s a great watch. Plus later episodes of the show have shown the girls getting their turn to take their pick of their boys – equality all the way!