7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Love Island

It’s the show that’s had us all hooked this summer. But whilst we feel like we know the Love Islanders inside out, there are some things about life in the villa we’ve been DYING to know.

Thankfully, Now has had a chat with show insiders to get those burning questions answered for us, stat.

Thanks, guys.

How much suncream do the Islanders get through a week?

Ten whole bottles. (We should hope so too – think of your skin!)


Who does the food shopping?

There is a team of people who buy the food for the Islanders and keep the fridge filled so that the gang can oncentrate on more important things… (aka. snogging)

Are there cameramen in the villa?

A few cameramen operate cameras dorred around the edge of the garden, and also on dates and any acitivies that take place outside of the villa. Other than that, most of the villa cameras are fixed.


Do the Islanders have to clean the villa?

After all of those parties, we’ve been left wondering who on earth keeps that place clean. And the answer? Well, not the Islanders, that’s for sure. A special team cleans the villa and does the laundry for them. Alright for some!

How many toilet rolls do they get through a week?

80 rolls. Crikey.


Is there security in the villa?

Yep. Security are always on hand to keep the lovebirds safe. Phew!

Where is the villa located?

That’s still a secret, but we do know that it’s in a quiet area where there are zero tourists.