Someone Is Pretending To Be Ollie Locke On Grindr

There’s ANOTHER online faker in town, and this time they’re pretending to be Made In Chelsea‘s Ollie Locke.

A fake account for the TV star has popped up on dating app Grindr, a Tinder-style site geared towards gay and bisexual men.

But Ollie has spoken out against the perpetrator, Tweeting: ‘So slightly awkwardly apparently someone is pretending to be me on gay Tinder! Just to clarify, that is very definitely not me! Xx.’

Some of his fans sounded *pretty* disappointed, with one replying: ‘You just broke a million men’s hearts,’ and another writing: ‘shame 😛 hehe x.’



But that’s not the only sad news MIC viewers have received in recent weeks. Louise Thompson has hinted that she may be leaving the show. WAH.

It’s probably fair to say that Louise and boyfriend Alik Alfus are the most successful couple on Made In Chelsea.

And in SW3, that’s quite an achievement.

We’ve loved watching Louise and Alik’s loved-up antics since they met on last year’s spin-off Made In Chelsea New York, but we’re a *teeny* bit concerned that they may soon leave our screens for good.

> Louise Thompson has been dating Alik Alfus since last year


See: Made In Chelsea LA

New Yorker Alik has already quit the show to focus on his business in the Big Apple, making just a brief appearance on Made In Chelsea LA.

And now Louise has hinted that she may follow in his footsteps… *sobs*.

> Louise Thompson said an emotional goodbye to Alik Alfus when he moved back to New York earlier this year


The 25-year-old tells the Daily Mail: ‘I love New York and I’m considering even moving there next year. That would be really nice. My mum’s looking at me like “What?! I didn’t know that.”’

Alik moved to London after falling for Louise last year, and Louise thinks it’s only fair that she does the same now that he’s settled back over the pond.

When asked where she thinks she’ll be in a year’s time, she admits: ‘New York, I think. I’ll probably move there.

‘He’s done his stint here, quit everything for nine months, he sacrificed a lot and made it work so it’s definitely my turn.

> Alik Alfus moved to London after falling for Louise Thompson


‘I’m only 25, I’m at a point in my life where I can travel, make mistakes, take risks… It’s the visa stuff that’s the pain [but] I’m sure I can figure it out.’

MIC favourites Andy Jordan and Stevie Johnson have both left the programme in recent months, so we’ll be GUTTED if Louise joins them.

But she clearly thinks Alik is worth it.

‘Alik and I are very serious. I think we’ll probably end up together. I just think he’d be the perfect father and husband. He’s just wonderful, everyone loves him,’ she says.

> Louise Thompson can see herself marrying Alik Alfus. Aw


It’s pretty sweet, we guess…