Louis Vuitton Is Suing A What?!

Luxury brands and infrigement cases come and go, but while they’re not all particularly newsworthy, Louis Vuitton’s latest run-in is one we can’t quite come to terms with. The reason why is one we’re sure you’ll all understand: most copyright issues involve two fashion labels doing a similar thing for a similar audience, right? Not this one. Nope, this time Louis V is up against a Korean fried chicken shop(?!).

Much to our dismay, the chicken shop isn’t flogging LV imprinted BBQ wings though, nor are they offering up LV monogrammed flap burgers (a gal can dream), BUT they have named themselves ‘LouisVui Ton Dak’ (after the Korean word ‘tongdak’ meaning whole chicken) AND they are serving up chicken in napkins and wrappers featuring a logo suspiciously similar to Louis Vuitton’s.

Unsurprisingly, The Korea Times reports via Mashable that the French powerhouse won the court ruling in Seoul this week. As a result, the owner of the chicken shop has been permanently banned from operating under the name ‘LouisVui Ton Dak’, as well as using said napkins and wrappers.


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The court has ruled against chicken joint ‘LouisVui Ton Dak’ for using a name too similar to Louis Vuitton







But this isn’t the first time the pair have got into a spat. The chicken shop was originally named ‘Louis Vuitton Dak’ and was ordered to change the name to one without any reference to Louis Vuitton. Since the court has decided the second name ‘LouisVui Ton Dak’ is not sufficiently different from the first, the owner of the business has also been ordered to pay £8,500 for failing to comply with the previous court ruling.

A spokesperson for the court case commented: “Although he changed the name with different spacing, the two names sound almost the same. So he violated the court order and should pay the money.”

We concur. What the cluck, LouisVui Ton Dak?!