LOOK’s Dos And Dont’s Of Wearing Extensions

What’s not to love about extensions? They can transform your tresses in an instant, and have you feeling like an A-list goddess in seconds without waiting years for your natural locks to grow.

But while we’re big fans over here at LOOK HQ, they don’t come without their pitfalls. Managing your hair extensions is kind of a full-time job, and nobody wants to walk out working a weave that turns heads for all the wrong reasons.

Why is why we’ve created our ultimate guide to avoiding a hair extension-faux-pas. Follow hair extension specialist Whitney Marie’s dos and don’t of hair extensions and never have a hair fail again.

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1) DO keep it short and sweet

As tempting as it may be to rock your inner Rapunzel and clip in 30 inch long extensions, shorter extensions (16-22 inches) tend to look more natural than super long locks. Choose your extension length depending on the length of your natural hair. 



2) DO trim, trim, trim

An essential part of seamlessly integrating your extensions into your natural hair is trimming them to match your current cut. Most clip ins come with blunt ends so we suggest wearing your extensions to your stylist and asking for a dry cut to help blend the extensions with your hair. 



3) DON’T ignore your colour

While most clip-ins come with a base colour that’ll closely resemble your natural hair tone, try adding in some highlights and low lights to even further aid the blending process.



4) DO grab that curling iron

If you’re having a tough time blending your shorter hair with your new extensions try loosely curling the hair together. 



5) DON’T wear them fresh out the box

New extensions often have an ultra glossy finish to them. While that may be awesome to look at, it’s often hard to create the same shine to your natural locks.. Luckily the remedy to this problem is simple, Wash before you wear!