The first official poster for The Host featuring Saoirse Ronan - we can't wait!

LOOK Loves: The New Twilight? Saoirse Ronan In The Host

Yesterday was definitely a milestone for Saoirse Ronan, as she celebrated turning 18 and the release of The Host‘s first official poster featuring her steely gaze.

The actress will play the lead in the latest Stephenie Meyer book-to-film adaptation, and with The Twilight Saga coming to a close, we have to say we’re getting pretty excited about this new guaranteed blockbuster and its leading lady!

It’s still early days and the poster and teaser trailer don’t give much away, but we’re anticipating The Host to be just as swoon-worthy as The Twilight Saga with Max Irons and Jake Abel cast as Saoirse‘s competing love interests.

The Host hits UK cinemas on the 29th March 2013, giving you plenty of time to read the book, so check out the teaser trailer below and see if this could be your new Twilight! LO