LOOK Meets Alexander Wang To Talk H&M…

Alexander Wang’s hotly-anticipated H&M collection hits stores next week (November 6 to be precise) and if you’ve picked up this week’s issue of LOOK, you’ll see we’ve got all the goss from the designers amazing A-list New York launch party. Head of Fashion News Lucy Wood flew across the pond to sit FROW-side with the likes of Jessica Chastain, Dakota Fanning and Solange Knowles for the unveiling of the sports-luxe collection, before catching up with the man himself. Here’s what he had to say about his debut high street range, H&M’s 10th designer collaboration…

LOOK: Rihanna gave us a preview of the collection couple of months ago when she was seen in a whole outfit. Do you think she’s someone who really embodies the collection?

Alexander: It was so amazing to have Rihanna be the first person to wear pieces of the collection. I’ve been a huge fan of Rihanna and her work, especially because she’s never afraid to take risks. When starting to think about who would be the person I would love to see wearing the collection first, I thought of Rihanna immediately.  We sent over a selection of items that I thought she might like, and I am so happy it worked out! She just represents the now and an immediacy that is hard to match.

L: You have a string of celebrity fans of your main line. What would you say it is that makes your designs so appealing to such different women?

A: I’ve always had an un-precious outlook on fashion, focusing on the pieces that people wear everyday, like T-shirts, jeans and sweats. We use wit and innovative experimentation to elevate the pieces, and in time our customers are able to build a wardrobe that they can mix and match together, and dress almost by instinct.

L: How close to your original catwalk designs are the pieces in the H&M collection?

A: H&M have done a great job in the past with their collaborations that have created affordable versions of archive pieces, but I wanted to take a different approach. The ALEXANDER WANG X H&M collection is made up of mostly new designs inspired by performance and sportswear, with only a couple of pieces from earlier collections, like the sweatshirt and boots. I wanted to do something special and create one-off pieces that will only be available at H&M.

L: Which are your favorite pieces and why?

A: I don’t technically have a favorite piece, but I’m most impressed by the foam injected knits. Another element that stands are out to me are ‘Objects’. I launched the Objects collection at Alexander Wang a few years ago.  It is a curated edition of everyday items representing the scale of the Alexander Wang lifestyle. For ALEXANDER WANG X H&M, the objects complete the collection, as well as adding a new element to the H&M designer collaborations. There are pieces that are both practical and playful, like the yoga mat, or the boxing glove key-rings.

L: Describe the girl queuing up for this collection?

A: Whether you’re athletic or not, as long as you live an active lifestyle, there are pieces in this collection that cater to one’s needs.

It’s safe to say we’ve got our eye on more than a few Alex. See you at the tills ladies…