LOOK Chats To My Week With Marilyn Costume Designer Jill Taylor

Michelle Williams’ new movie My Week With Marilyn hits cinemas this week, and we’ve already got it on our must-see list. With Marilyn Monroe‘s style set to take the high street fashion stores by storm, LOOK’s Fashion Assistant Hannah Eichler chatted to the film’s costume designer Jill Taylor about all things Marilyn – prepare to be inspired, ladies, those high waisted pencil skirts will have a new lease of life!  

HE: How did you go about creating the wardrobe for the film?
JT: I start with a lot of research, finding pictures of Marilyn to base my designs on, and the same with all the other characters. I then followed by making sketches of ideas to show the director.

HE: What shops did Marilyn buy her clothes from?

JT: Marilyn would have bought clothes from all over the place. She used to wear lots of different designers. It has been said her favourite store was Bloomingdales, her favourite designer was Emilio Pucci and her favourite shoe designer was Salvatore Ferragamo.

HE: What are the key fashion pieces in the film?

JT: I would say a key piece of clothing for Marilyn would be the Prince And The Showgirl white dress, but they were all really important as they helped give us her character.

HE: How did you work with the hair and make-up teams to create the look?

JT: Jenny (make-up and hair) and I worked very closely together, sharing reference pictures and discussing everything that would be happening in our story. 

HE: What is it about the way Marilyn dressed that made her so iconic?

JT: I think Marilyn was two different characters. She had a professional side, which were her iconic sexy dresses, her private side, which showed a simplicity of line and silhouette and a casualness which I think was way ahead of her time. I think in both guises it all seemed effortless. She presented a whole package, and people just responded to her.

See My Week With Marilyn in cinemas nationwide from Friday 25 November 2011