LOOK Chats Fashion With Harry Potter Actress Bonnie Wright

Harry Potter might be over but as the DVD hits the shelves, actress Bonnie Wright, 20, who played Ginny Weasley talks marriage, Emma Watson and moving on…

LOOK: How’s life been since Harry Potter finished?

Bonnie: When we finished the film it didn’t sink in quickly. It’s a new step in our careers but, between us, we have such an amazing support network. 

LOOK: Who do you keep in touch with the most?

Bonnie: We all stay in contact and know what one another is doing. I went to see Dan [Radcliffe] in his Broadway play and Matt Lewis’s play in London. 

LOOK: When did it hit you that the show was over?

Bonnie: When we sat down at the premiere in London and the credits rolled – that was a moment I will never forget. There were tears galore.  

LOOK: Did you swap style tips with Emma Watson over the years? 

Bonnie: On-set we used to chat about what every girl or boy would – school and clothes. We shared ideas.

LOOK: Do you feel like a style icon now?

Bonnie: No, definitely not! I have never had a style icon. The whole point of style is that it’s personal and while people inspire me, I want to wear clothes without pressure. I just decide whatever I want to be that day. 

LOOK: Are you grateful to the movie for bringing you and your fiancé Jamie Campbell Bower together?

Bonnie: We didn’t actually meet on-set, everyone thinks we did because of it being the same film but our roles are completely different. We actually met at a party that was connected to the film.

LOOK: You were just 19 when you got engaged, which some people have commented is too young. Do you agree?

Bonnie: You make decisions for yourself. It’s my life. I am not going to go into the depth of when or how I feel about it. 

LOOK: What are you doing for Christmas?

Bonnie: I’m in the middle of a project but I’m having a break and will be with my family. We’ll just be spending some nice time together. 


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is available now on DVD.