Could The Way We Shop Be About To Change For Good?

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of wanting to shop, only to realise that stores have now closed. Well, according to recent news, that might just be a thing of the past.

Yep, some of London’s biggest and most influential retailers are campaigning for longer Sunday shopping hours, in the hope of giving us buyers more flexibility.

Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols are among those who have signed a letter addressed to the Parliament, insisting that “extending closing times from 6pm to 8pm would create 2000 more jobs and £260 million of extra sales in those areas alone.”

The letter continued: “Our biggest stores have their Sunday opening hours restricted and are forbidden from opening after 6pm on that day,” reports the Sunday Times. “We are literally forcing visitors to choose between spending in our shops and visiting galleries, parks and museums. Surely we can give them the opportunity to do both?”

Longer shopping hours Harvey Nichols is also backing the plans for longer shopping hours




And, much to our enjoyment, Prime Minister David Cameron is also backing the plans, saying that “there is a strong case for change” as “it’s time to modernise our approach to give families more choice.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and some of his own MPs, however, are not so keen.


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Representatives of the Church of England claim that: “Proposals to extend Sunday shopping hours are directly contradictory to the Government’s desire to build more resilient local communities and to encourage social capital to take the place of the state in creating good neighbourhoods.”

Contradictory or not, a planned vote has been postponed in order to give ministers additional time to win over the support needed to pass the bill. And you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be right behind them!