LOLcore And Health Goth: Fashion Phrases To Know

You just got your head around ‘normcore’, get what the FROW is (even if you haven’t quite secured your spot on it) and you rock a red ‘lip’ daily. But now there’s loads of new fashion lingo to learn. We translate the latest fashion phrases…

Basic. adj,– A fashion insult seemingly used to describe someone with a ‘predictable’ sense of style.

Health goth. noun. – If your first thoughts upon hearing the words ‘health goth’ were of Wednesday Adams whipping up a kale smoothie, before feeling the burn in spin class, then deduct ten points from your fashion credentials. This new slang is used to encompass the trend of ‘biotechnology, monochrome sportswear and fetish culture’. Obviously.

LOL-core. adj. – Ariana Grande’s cat ears? LOL-core. Trousers that would stealthily go unnoticed on a clown, but are instead rocked by the coolest of ‘It’ girls? LOL-core. Every single, gaudy garment Miley Cyrus has ever owned? So LOL-core. Think colour clashing, silly prints or a space hopper cut in half and used as a handbag. Nailed it.

Meggings. noun.– Leggings for menfolk. Incidentally, these new trouser alternatives can be paired with MUGG boots, which are of course the affectionate term for Uggs worn by only the bravest of males. A bold look, but not always beautiful.

Skort. noun.– This lovechild apparel, born from an honest skirt and a proud pair of shorts, is not only worn by Scout leaders and small children. It is a practical new update and essential summer wearing for your bottom half (along with their older, longer sister: culottes). Invest now and get well ahead in the style stakes, without fear of flashing.

Funeralcore. adj. – Yep, fashion went there. Head-to-toe black, fishnet stockings and even a lace veil or two ruled both the New York and London runways. Think Katy Perry in her ‘Thinking Of You’ video or, indeed, an advert for Scottish Widows and you’re totally there.

Desleeking. verb. – Finally a glamorous sounding word for the totally unglamorous act of taking off your heels and putting on your trainers at the end of a working day.

By Jennifer Savin