Did Zayn Just React To *Those* Perrie Dating Rumours?

Zayn Malik may just have thrown the ultimate shade at Perrie Edwards. EEK.

In case you missed it, Perrie has been enjoying several glam nights out this week, and at the Wonderland magazine LFW party, she Instagrammed a pic of her and hunky back-up dancer Rycardo Gomez.

Obviously, the rumour mill went wild that this hot pair could be hooking up… And now, it seems her ex has reacted online.

‘I don’t want you to wait for me, I’m not coming home’, Zayn tweeted the next day. Thinly veiled jab at Perrie, a song lyric or simply a hint to fans that he’s enjoying LA to the max? Hmm.

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> A dig at Perrie, perhaps?


The ex-One Direction singer recently got a new Instagram handle, too, proving he’s completely wiped the slate clean and started anew since his split.

Yep. A month after he and Perrie ended their engagement, Zayn, 22, has switched his ‘niazkilam’ account to the simple handle ‘Zayn’.

His first photo was of his Interview Magazine cover, and since then, he’s remained relatively low-key on social media.

> Perrie Edwards had everyone talking with *this* cosy Instagram pic…


Perrie has declined to talk about Zayn since they split – but there’s else someone who will.

The 22-year-old’s Little Mix bandmate Jesy Nelson has already made her feelings about Zayn clear, and now her fiancé Jake Roche has followed suit.

The Rixton singer tells The Sun: ‘The way he’s treated her is horrible. He’s not a very nice man.

Referencing reports that Zayn ended things by text, he added: ‘I’d at least send an email! It’s more formal. But it’s not about treating a woman like that, it’s about treating a human like that. It’s disrespectful.​’ Oosh.

> Little Mix’s new song Hair was released on Friday


Despite the drama of the past few weeks, Perrie has been handling things like an absolute boss.

This is despite the fact that she had to fly to America to promote Little Mix’s single Black Magic almost immediately after their split. Not ideal.

Even when Pezza broke down during a performance of an emotional track, she picked herself right back up and continued with the tour (all with a huge smile on her face, no less).

> Perrie Edwards looked gorgeous and happy the day after breaking down on stagte


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Now LM are back in the UK and Perrie is enjoying a bit of time out of the spotlight.

But the ladies haven’t completely disappeared from our radars. In fact, they released their new single Hair last Friday – and we love it.

The song is the second to be taken from their new album Get Weird and sees the girls reach ULTIMATE levels of sass.

> Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik confirmed their split earlier this month


We think Zayn better watch out, because the tune appears to throw some *serious* shade at an ex-boyfriend.

The lyrics include: ‘He was just a **** in a new wig / Got me going mad sat in this chair / I don’t care / Gotta get him out my hair.’ Oosh.

Now. The song was clearly written before Zayn and Perrie ended their engagement, so it’s not actually about him. But the timing of the release is VERY appropriate.

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> Little Mix are ALL about the sass


Whatever the case, we reckon Pezza’s gonna love belting out those words every time LM perform the tune.

And there’s no doubt that it’ll be a huge hit. Black Magic topped the UK chart for three weeks earlier this summer and had a great reception over the pond.

You slay, ladies.