Little Mix Just Stormed Out Of A Radio Interview

Little Mix have just stormed out of an interview, guys. And it was bad. As in, really, REALLY awkward. 

Clearly, the trend amongst the celebrity circle right now is to make interviews as awkward as possible – who could forget that Cara Delevingne moment on a US chat show, or Tom Hardy shutting down a reporter at a recent press conference? 

But those Little Mix ladies are just so sweet and professional. Just how could someone have made them that angry?

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Well, it was during their appearance on an Australian radio show Aussie station KIIS 1065 that they left host Jackie O in tears after Jade Thirlwall stormed out angrily after being questioned about Justin Bieber. 

Jackie asked: ‘Your [album] is out on November 6. I think a week later they are doing that whole One Direction versus Justin Bieber thing there on the 13th. What do you guys think of the 1D Bieber thing? Have you got any opinion on it?’


And oh, did Jade have an opinion.

Sighing and looking extremely pouty, she replied: ‘To be honest I’m sick of talking about it, to be fair.’

‘It has actually really p****d us off. We want to talk about our music and then we get asked about him all the time, I mean, what’s the point? What is your point? I’m serious. I said I didn’t want to talk about it.’

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Perrie and Jesy then chimed in that Jade was repeatedly linked to Bieber, hence why she was so cross.

The petite singer then decided to stand up and storm out, with the rest of the band looking suitably horrified as Perrie attempted to smooth over the situation with the hosts.


But Jackie looked seriously shocked, before getting a little teary over having upset Jade. Luckily, it was all a big fat PRANK. Oh, you guys…

The girls soon burst back into the room shouting “Only joking!”, to the relieved looking hosts.

Great acting, guys. Watch the whole painful ordeal below!