The New Shoe Brand You’ll Want To Buy Up NOW

Second only to Justin Trudeau, pieces from this under-the-radar Canadian shoe brand are on our need/want/make ours at all costs list…

Canada has bestowed us with many an amazing thing: maple syrup for one, the Canadian tuxedo (aka double denim) another- not to mention Ryan Gosling AND Ryan Reynolds.

Now though, we’re coveting something else born CA-side, only this time it’s of the footwear variety.

Our spring collection has arrived in stores and online ~ Reikan low heels in flower tapestry #lintervalle

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Montreal-based brand L’Intervalle’s meteoric rise to style-stardom was completely inevitable. Why? Because of these beauties.

Following in the cult-status footsteps of Jessica Buurman, L’Intervalle offers up some of the best could-be-designer shoes we’ve ever laid eyes on.

PITI red suede 🔥🔥🔥. In store & on line at

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From Céline-esque slip-ons to Gucci-inspired oriental block heels, every. single. pair. is worthy of #fwis treatment.

Open-toe shoe season is nearly here! 💃🏻MERIDA Black Embroidery

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It should come as no surprise then that influencers are buying into L’Intervalle’s standout shoesies, be they boots, slingbacks or sassy lace-up numbers.

@meganellaby rocking her Roloff in gold leather #lintervallegirls

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With prices that won’t break the bank either, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself to a pair of Canada’s finest. Even if your S.O. doesn’t approve, you can bet your denim-clad ass Justin will…

Shop our fave styles below and share your shoe selfies with us with #LWIW