Lily Allen’s Twerking Girls Manicure Is Everything

Instagram: @AstroWifey

Lily Allen is BIG into her nail art, and has rocked some pretty crazy designs in the past. But this latest twerking-themed mani may just be her best yet.

Lily’s been hanging out with Miley Cyrus recently after the two singers teamed up for a string of joint US tour dates. And it looks like the original twerker’s on-stage antics have inspired Lily’s latest talons.

For her performance in Chicago last night, the URL Badman songstress rocked these ah-mazing glittery bejewelled nails, featuring stars, gems and teeny tiny female dancers getting their twerk on. Too. Cool.

Lily’s white hot points came courtesy of celebrity nail artist Ashley Crowe, who later shared a close-up Instagram snap of his handiwork.

‘#TwerkNation for @lilyallen #TrippyTwerkTeam #StickyBitches’, he captioned the image.

Ashley then shared a snap of a make-up free Lily and her lilac dip-dyed locks flashing her new nails with a coy smile. ‘Nailed the talented @lilyallen today before her show in Chicago. #Sheezus’, it read.

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By Robyn Munson