Lily Allen’s Just Gone For Kim Kardashian Hair

Lily Allen the hair chameleon strikes again. 

The Hard Out Here singer has just posted to Instagram a picture of her brand new bright blonde crop, captioned: ‘@themartyharper just got me blonde.’

Working an ashy white blonde hue styled into a short, above-the-chin blunt bob, Lils accessorised with a bright red lip and a vacant, Beyonce-style stare.

Has someone been getting inspired my Ms Kim Kardashian? It’s only been two weeks since the reality TV star went platinum, and Lily looks the like first copycat to take the platinum plunge.

> Lily Allen was seen working a warmer strawberry blonde shade back in November


To be fair, it’s not unusual for Lily to mix up her look – last November, Lily swapped her purple rinse for a lighter, strawberry blonde hue. But this time she’s gone for a greyer tint, giving a polished, edgy finish.

The British songstress has also previously dabbled with sunset orange and a My Little Pony style purple rinse.

What are we thinking of her shade this time? Let us know below…