Lily Allen On How Her Trainer Addiction Was First Born…

Lily Allen has been speaking to V Magazine about how she first became acquainted with those infamous trainers that soon became synonymous with her name.

‘I have an older sister so I had her hand-me-down dresses, and I always just liked sneakers when I was a teenager’, the 29-year-old singer revealed. ‘Like for warehouse raves. You can’t have heels in that situation.’

Lils went on to confess that her typical ’90s rave outfit would be made up of ‘baggy trousers with fluorescent underwear and little Nike bra tops.’ She was all over that sports luxe trend yeeears ago. Total trendsetter.

The star also admitted that she was hugely flattered to see her signature look being replicated on the Chanel couture runway earlier this year.

‘That was a big moment for me, I guess. But I stumbled upon that look- no pun intended- because I thought I was too young to have high heels,’ she said.

The accidental style icon. We heart your modesty, Ms A.

By Robyn Munson

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