Lily Allen Makes One Brilliant Blonde, No?

Instagram: @LilyAllen

Lily Allen is never one to stick to one hairstyle for long, and now she’s waved goodbye to her purple My Little Pony hue for good. (Well, until she gets bored…)

The Air Balloon singer has a serious thing for mixing up her hue – think of any colour under the rainbow, and Lily’s rocked it.

But her pink and lilac ombre ‘do seemed to be sticking, wtih Lils rocking it steadily for most of this year. Until now.

Taking to Instagram to show off her spangly new sequin Topshop x Ashish tee, Lils debuted her new ‘do with a coy glance at the camera.

All thick, shaggy cropped tresses, the singer’s hair looked seriously cute pulled into a side parting and with her fringe pinned off her face with a kirby grip.

And as for that strawberry blonde shade? It’s a refreshing change to see Ms A working a more natural hue, and it’s got just the right amount of warmth next to her tanned olive skin. 

A hot red lip and a slick of liquid eyeliner on her lid completed Lily’s look, and obvious props for that tongue-in-cheek Toppers tee too.

We reckon this is a good look on Lils. Let’s hope she sticks with it for longer than a week so we can see her flaunt it!

By Robyn Munson