Lily Allen Loves Topshop’s Light-Up Trainers, Do You?

Fans of ’90s nostalgia, brace yourselves. Because Topshop is about to make all of your sneaker-shaped dreams come true.

Lily Allen, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding have already got their stylish mitts on Topshop’s ah-mazing light-up Buffalo boots from the latest Ashish x Topshop collaboration (which isn’t even out yet), and we can only imagine the hysteria that will happen once they touch down in stores on May 29.

Much like those LA Gear kicks we all wanted but only the cool kids had back at school, the glow-in-the-dark platform sneaks are just one of the amazing tongue-in-cheek pieces to feature in the London designer’s 10th Topshop collection.

‘In a way I think the LED lights are almost like light-up sequins’, Ashish told Vogue. ‘Sequins are like a long-term love, this collection is like my holiday fling!’

As well as the Buffalos (which will set you back a cool £350), we can also expect plastic LED backpacks, witty slogan tees and textured towel mini dresses. YES.

‘Ashish brings his humour and style together to create a fashion collection for beach to bedroom, pool to club,’ Kate Phelan, Topshop creative director, said. ‘Light-up trainers, towelling hoodies and towel wrap-dresses make hotel style the ultimate look for summer.’

We’ll bring you the full look of Ashish’s cheeky Toppers drop as soon as it lands.

By Robyn Munson

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