Lily Allen Flaunts Her Brand New Sherbert Tresses

Instagram: @LilyAllen

Lily Allen might just be the most indecisive hair chameleon in showbiz.

To be fair, if we suited every hair hue under the sun, we’d try them all too. But we couldn’t believe that just two weeks after going back to blonde, she’s pink again.

Her purple My Little Pony locks finally bit the dust earlier this month, when Lily swapped them for a shaggy strawberry blonde ‘do.

But no shade sticks around for long, and now it’s a pink/orange sunset shade that the singer’s going to be rocking.

Sharing a snarling Instagram snap of her bright new sherbert tresses, the Air Balloon singer wrote: ‘Pink hurr dun care’. 

Lils then posted a shot of her working her new hue in a sleek bobbed ‘do in bed, and later tied up in a cute retro bow as she boarded a plane.

It’s not dissimilar to her previous pink locks, but we’re still admiring Lily’s fearless attitude to hair hues.

Keep surprising us, Lils…

By Robyn Munson