Liam Payne Birthday: One Direction

Liam Payne: 9 Times He Proved He So Wasn’t The Boring One

With all the drama between Zayn and Perrie, Louis soon to become a baby daddy, Niall’s sheer cheekiness and Harry well, just being, Harry, it can be easy to forget about Liam Payne.

But actually, he of the chiselled cheekbones and gorgeous eyes is, in his own quiet way, as interesting as the rest of his current and ex One Direction bandmates.

Which is why we’ve rounded up all the times Liam was most certainly NOT the boring one…

1. He’s ALWAYS honest

In a celebrity world where so many stars hide their vulnerability, it’s refreshing when someone refuses to pretend that they’re perfect. In a recent interview with Attitude Magazine he was candid about his struggles with alcohol admitting: ‘I’m not afraid to say that I actually went through a pretty bad [drinking] stage. And for that time in my life, that was perfect for me. I mean, you’re away from home and that can get hard. Also there were a lot of things on my mind and that’s what helped me through.’



He’s Totally Heroic

If he wasn’t kept busy y’know being part of a globally successful boyband Liam said his dream job would be a firefighter. This became a shocking reality in 2013 when his close pal Andy Samuels tried to fill his patio heater with gas and caught alight. Luckily Liam was on hand to save him from the flames and Andy walked away virtually unharmed. What a hero!


 3. He’s The King Of The Dance Floor

Watch out Mick Jagger there’s a new dancer in town. Liam Payne is the self-proclaimed ‘king of the dancefloor,’ he once said: “I have the best dance moves – I’m the king of the dancefloor! My signature dance move is the 1-2-3 flick.’ He eventually proved his dancing prowess in the Best Song Ever music video where he played choreographer Leeroy.



4. He Wants His Face On Loo Roll

Liam and the boys have lent their faces to some pretty random 1D merchandise over the years – including a singing toothbrush (*whispers* where do we get one?). The boys were asked if they’d fancy seeing themselves on toilet roll and although Harry didn’t really like the idea Liam was quick to say: ‘I think there’s a market for that.’



5. He’s A Match For Batman

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No it’s Liam Payne. Just like Batman Liam braved incredible heights to take a snap at the edge of his 34th floor balcony. He was pictured standing dangerously close to the roof ledge, 360 feet high. Liam later apologised to fans via Twitter he wrote: ‘It was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. I am sorry.’



6. He’s A Photoshop Wizard

Amongst his many awards including ‘Best Pop Video’ and ‘Hottest 1D’ member Liam can now add ‘Photoshop Genius’ to the list – if that is a thing. Liam found a rather odd way of distracting himself after watching scary movie, Annabelle, one night. The singer started photoshopping pictures of himself to look more gangster-like, unfortunately he ended up looking a little more like Ali-G then Jay-Z (Soz).



7. He’s Naked A Lot

We’re starting to think Liam isn’t really a fan of clothes. The heartthrob shared a sexy (censored) picture of himself with no pants on Instagram captioned: ‘Damn that was my last pair!’ Hours later Liam posted the same photo this time showing off a pair of black swimming trunks that he had been wearing the whole time!





8. He Once Wore A Burger

Burgers are delicious to eat but who know it was a fashion accessory; fashion forward Liam took his love for burgers to new extremes. The goofy singer stuck the fast food favourite on his forehead and stared deep into the camera lenses almost as if to say ‘Hey come an get it’ – Don’t quit singing for fashion Liam, please!


9. He Once Took A Mortifying Tumble

You’re not a pop legend unless you fall flat on your backside (fact!). Liam followed in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and Lady GaGa when he tumbled on-stage after attempting to slide down a platform.



By Shanique Joseph