Lewis Hamilton’s Got Crazy Blonde Hair Now

Since being refused entry to the Royal Box at the Wimbledon Men’s Final for not sporting the appropriate attire, Lewis Hamilton’s sense of style has got us all talking. (Indeed, it’s safe to say the event’s stewards were less than impressed with Lew’s trendy floral shirt, trouser and hat get-up.) That said, his predilection for bold prints, skin-tight trews and outlandish headwear serve as enough of a talking point alone. Oh, and now there’s THAT blonde hair… One thing we’ve also noticed is that the Formula One racing driver appears to be picking up style tips from some more accustomed fashionistas. So who are they?


Since rumours circulated about Lew’s relationship with Riri, his style has undergone one serious transformation. Yep, unlike his usual preppy looks, Lew is now giving King of Cool Kanye a run for his money. And if that’s not enough to convince you he’s been taking tips from Ri, Lew recently got himself an eagle tat by the same artist as her..




Chris Brown


When Lew stepped out in one rather loud floral bomber at the Minions film premiere in London last month, our minds were instantly cast back to the time Chris Brown sported his own version at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. And Lew even took things one step further than Mr Brown, going from floral bedecked sleeves to the whole shebang. Round of applause please.   

Tinie Tempah 

It’s a known fact that Tinie Tempah takes the gold when it comes to suits, but it seems like Lewis is keen to give him a run for his money. When Mr H headed out to London Collections Men earlier this year, he stepped out in suit after suit after suit. And, in true Tinie T style, he certainly didn’t shy away from colour. In fact, Mr H first took note from the suit king himself when attending the Elle Style Awards in one hell of a burgundy statement-maker earlier on in the year. We can barely keep up!




Pharrell’s endless hat selection is one that has always boggled our brains. From trilbys to flat caps, it seems there really is no end to his millinery collection. Of course, only Mr Williams could pull off every single type, so Lew has opted for the wide brim trilby. On numerous occasions the F1 Champ has been seen donning his versions at LAX Airport – and looked seriously cool in the process. Will he ever branch out from the trilby club, we wonder?


By Bridie Wilkins