Let’s Have A Nose Around Taylor Swift’s New York Apartment

Taylor Swift was always going to have a totally swoon-worthy apartment, wasn’t she?

She’s been the host of many starry house parties and girls’ nights in on Instagram, but the snaps have only ever allowed us to catch tiny snippets of Swifty’s glamorous New York abode. 

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> Pic Credit: StreetEasy


Until now. Because we’ve been allowed a proper peek inside the Blank Space singer’s incredible apartment, and obviously it’s just as epic as we thought it would be.

Reflecting her homely, girl-next-door side perfectly, the inside of Taylor’s home feels a lot like a country manor, only parked in the middle of the city.

> Pic Credit: StreetEasy


The lounge is all wooden panels, sumptuous red couches and antique rugs, with a huge homely fireplace that was made for hosting red wine and girls gossips.

…We wonder how many snuggles Taylor and Calvin have enjoyed on those sink-worthy sofas? *Swoon*.

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> Pic Credit: StreetEasy


Moving into the dining room, we see modern touches via the sleek glass-legged dining table and art deco chairs, and of course, there’s a second lounge area to chill out in. Well, Swifty does have more showbiz friends than all of our mates put together…

The kitchen, where we’ve witnessed many a girls’ cooking night on Tay’s Instagram account, hosts the biggest breakfast bar we’ve EVER seen, a huge copper cooker and rustic tiles for a cute country kitchen-inspired touch. Love.

> Pic Credit: StreetEasy


And oh look, there’s a spiral staircase too! Of course there is. Ideal for allowing Taylor to make her grand entrance when Calvin comes to pick her up for dates. Aw.

This has only made us determined to become Swifty’s BFF even more, just to wangle an invite into this perfect NY pad.

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> Taylor Swift and her girls having a party in the lounge