Lena Dunham Gets A Stylist! But Who Is It?

For as long as we can remember, actress/writer/love of our lives Lena Dunham has very proudly styled herself. But when we got news of her getting a stylist for her book tour this morning, we had just one question. WHO is it?

Introducing Sophia Amoruso, the Nasty Gal founder who has been put in charge of Lena’s style for her promo book tour, which rolls through 12 cities from now until the end of October. During the tour, Lena’s wearing exclusively Nasty Gal clothes – great news for any of us who want to nab a bit of Lena’s inimitable fash sense (click here to shop the wardrobe FYI).

Dunham’s outfits over the tour will include a black neoprene dress and platform Mary Jane shoes, as well as a Bart Simpson T-shirt and a black leather skirt and faux-leopard coat. Sophia helped “tone down” Lena’s wardrobe, the writer said, and she “sufficiently classed me up”. What do you make of Lena’s updated look? Let us know.

By Sophie Haslett