Leggings Have Now Overtaken Jeans In Terms Of Sales

With leggings sales up by 41% in a year, they're blowing classic denim out of the water...

If we told you a few years ago that leggings would have overtaken jeans in terms of sales, you may have laughed in our face.

But look! It’s happening. Leggings are officially taking over the world. And yes, leggings sales have overtaken jeans sales.

A new report has revealed that leggings sales have grown by a whopping 41% over the past 12 months, with the amount of leggings being ordered online having increased dramatically.

Denim, in contrast, has only gone up by 3%.

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Leggings sales have risen dramatically over the past year…

(We’re still spending more money on jeans, but that’s because denim costs more than the stretchy stuff).

Even more interestingly, it’s not our high street heros that we’re snapping up our leggings from. It’s actually Amazon, which has become the number one shopping haunt for the stretchy trews.

And it’s not just standard sporty leggings women are stocking up on – there are tonnes of new fashion leggings on the scene that look amazing with trainers (or heels, if you’re daring enough).

And how could we not mention the new stirrup legging trend? Sported by everyone from Miroslava Duma to Pernille Teisbaek, they’re the new Marmite kid on the block.

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