Laura Whitmore Reveals Her Debut Jewellery Line

Daisy has long been our – and many a celeb’s – go-to for wear forever jewels with added edge, so when we heard the label has snapped up Laura Whitmore to design a collection, we couldn’t wait to find out more. Over a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs at London’s Riding House Café, Laura told us the range is totally inspired by her love of music, symbols and quotes. The result is a treasure trove of rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms with a rock’n’roll vibe that are already topping the wish-lists of her famous friends…


Symbols are a bit of a Daisy signature Laura, but what do you love about them?

I’ve always loved symbols and quotes – you can see that from my instagram page – and I wanted to find the symbol that represented me. There are triangles and love hearts, but I thought the plectrum was something that hasn’t been used in jewellery and I thought you could really have fun with the shape. I’ve got so many different plecs that I’ve picked up and kept. It’s very music-y, and everyone loves music so hopefully it will connect to lots of people. Everyone remembers the first gig they went to, it’s something that brings back a memory so I’m hoping people will connect to it.

Do you have a favourite?

Probably the ‘You’re Lovely’ bracelet. But I love the necklace you can add charms to. There are 7 charms, all linked to me. One is my tattoo, one is a four leaf clover because I’m Irish – but for other people it means luck – there’s a little shell which came from when my mum did the Camino walk in Portugal. It’s a 6-week walk and the symbol for it is a shell and she bought me back a shell bracelet, so for me it reminds me of my mum but for someone else it might remind them of the beach.

It’s so personal! How about the engravings, what do they mean?

They’re either lyrics or quotes. One says ‘believe to achieve’ because you need to believe in yourself if you want to get anywhere. If you don’t believe in yourself how is anyone else meant to? ‘You make loving fun’ is a Fleetwood Mac lyric. It took me ages to pick the quotes because I was thinking, would a guy wear it? would your sister wear it? – there are romantic ones, friendship ones and then empowering ones that you can buy as a present for yourself. I really like ‘you’re lovely’ – you can forget to compliment people and this does that for you. Someone said it to me once and I just remember thinking it was really nice.

> Laura Whitmore at the Lexus Lounge in New York




What’s your jewellery motto? Minimalist or more is more?

You can have a lot of fun with jewellery. I like putting different things together – I will always be wearing a few necklaces. Always wearing loads! I don’t believe in sticking to one metal either – I like mixing it all up together

We know you’ve got a lot of stylish celeb friends…have any of them got their eye on the collection?

Yeah and a few have already asked for bits. Niall from One Direction has asked for one, so I’m like yeah, maybe just instagram it too though thanks! A lot of friends are like, I think I want one for Christmas, and I’m like, well, you know where you can buy it!

What’s the most expensive piece in your own jewellery collection?

It’s not so much expensive; more significant or important. My mum and dad gave me a necklace for my 30th birthday and my mum designed it, she made it. My mum’s from Wexford where there’s the River Slaney and my dad is from Dublin where there’s the River Liffey and she had the symbols for those rivers put together, so it represents my parents.

> Laura Whitmore dj-ing at London Fashion Week





You’re a London Fashion Week FROW regular, what do you love about the shows?

I go for fun. I’m like, ‘everyone is working really hard and stressed and I’m just like oh I like that, I like that’. Last year I walked a catwalk for the first time so that was amazing! It was so much fun but also really weird to be backstage. I’m like ‘oh god this is so hectic there’s a lot of stress back here’. The people watching is amazing. Even if you don’t have a ticket just go down and look at people around you and you’ll get ideas. There will be more fashion there than there is on the catwalk.

What autumn trends can you not wait to wear?

Autumn is the best time of the year to dress because it’s all about layering. Everyone else moans about the weather and I’m like, ‘I can wear a scarf, and a hat and all my nice coats!’ I love boots and there’s some amazing faux fur pieces, and knits! Coming from an Irish background, knits are always a big thing. I knit as well. Nothing fantastic – scarves, booties, gloves. But then it’s weird because autumn is starting here and the cool fashion comes in and then I go to Australia for two months for I’m A Celebrity. So I’m like, ‘great, where can I get some summer dresses’?

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic – I dress for moods. My staple look would be skinny jeans, and a shirt or something and but its good to experiment with fashion so I’ve worn a bright yellow feather dress before because it’s really fun. I think the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and have fun with it. Fashion should be a reflection of your personality.




SEE: Laura Whitmore’s Marmite Skirt




Are you a high street or designer girl?

I’m a big fan of Bora Aksu and Fyodor Golan, but the high street is fantastic at the moment. I love H&M and their collaborations – I still have a Marni for H&M dress that I love to wear. Topshop is great and Urban Outfitters. I’ve always been a high street girl and I mix designer and high street. I love the Kooples – most of my wardrobe is from there!

Who are your style icons?

I look to my friends – they all have a completely different fashion sense to me- and I used to have an unhealthy obsession with the Olsen twins. They’re just fabulous with their massive sunglasses. I love old school Hollywood glamour too like Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly. Then Kate Hudson or Kate Moss, Sienna Miller – they always look comfortable in what they’re wearing and ooze this stylishness that I just love.

Tell us what’s next for you…

Well there’s I’m A Celeb in November and December and then I’m making a trip to the Philippines because I’ve sponsored a little girl out there for the last 7 years so I’m going out with my mum to meet her and do some stuff out there. Then I have this little project that’s not announced yet…it’s a TV thing that’s really fun. Watch this space…

The Laura Whitmore Daisy Jewellery collection launches on 5 October