Laura Welsh On Fifty Shades And Working With John Legend

Photos: Instagram/Laura Welsh

We talked Fifty Shades Of Grey, John Legend and style icons with British songstress Laura Welsh…

Your massive news recently is that you had a song on the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack, how did that all come about?

“A few of my songs have been on TV shows in America, like Grey’s Anatomy, and basically they heard my song and wanted to use it. I found out it was in the movie and then later that it would be on the soundtrack too which was amazing!”

And have you seen the film?

“Yes, I went to the premiere. It was the first premiere I’d been to and the whole theatre was so excited, especially when Jamie Dornan walked onto the screen. My manager, Paul was sat next to me though which was little bit awkward!”




Tell us about your next single with John Legend!

He’s just such a great person to be with in the studio, he made me feel really at ease. We just sat around the piano and that was the song that came out of it – we actually wrote and recorded the demo in about four hours so it was really quick. I loved the song straight away. He’s an incredible musician.”

Who would be your dream person to work with next?

“If it was – and I’m talking off the scale dreams – probably Prince. I think as an artist he’s got it all. He would be the ultimate dream but there are loads of people whose work I admire and I love what they’re doing.”

What else does 2015 hold for you?

“I’m playing at South By South West and I’ve never played there before so that’s exciting. I am also doing LA and San Fransisco and I’m supporting Years & Years so that’s gonna be a pretty good couple of weeks!”

What’s your ultimate stage outfit on tour?

“I’m always drawn to quite a boyish feel but that’s still feminine so straight shapes and not floaty. I’m also obsessed with really cool shoes – I love brogues. I also love picking up an outfit that’s got that Parisian vibe.”

Is there a beauty product you couldn’t live without on tour?

“Yeah MAC Illuminator and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is essential for everything.”

Do you have any favourite designers?

“Yeah I love Vivienne Westwood, I’m just obsessed with her. And I do love Sandro as well.”

Who is your style icon?

“Francoise Hardy definitely. When you see photos of her she just looks effortless and totally chic.”

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By Amy de Klerk and George Driver