Blogger Sarah Ashcroft Shows Us Her LAMODA Range

Today LAMODA has launched a brand new collection of accessories. And we can see these taking over an Instagram feed near you, fast!

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Why? They’ve teamed with one of our favourite fashion bloggers to create a capsule collection of handbags. Designed by Sarah Ashcroft of, the LAMODA Ft. Sarah Ashcroft range boasts three styles for every occasion.



If you follow us on Snapchat – you can catch us on lookmagazineuk – you’ll already know that we joined them for the day of their launch party, getting exclusive behind the scenes access to the big run-up.

With half a million Instagram followers and some serious make-up skills (yup, her highlight is that good in person), we couldn’t wait to check out the bags that she and LAMODA had been working on.



They didn’t disappoint. And we’ll be adding that oversized tote to our personal collection, pronto.

Hi Sarah! So, tell us about your collection

‘It’s amazing! Not that I’m bias or anything… I’m so excited about it! It’s the first accessories collection I’ve done. LAMODA were the first brand to ever send me something, as a blogger, so we go way back. It was meant to be!

‘The collection is everything that’s me. It’s got my stamp on it. I’ve chosen everything, designed it all.’



What inspired you when designing the range?

‘I took inspiration from designer handbags that I would love to own… but I didn’t want to copy, obviously! I wanted to take aspects of it and put a spin on it.

‘Like most people, I can’t afford a Chanel, but I love that style. I wanted to create an expensive look and feel, but they’re so affordable.’

Did you have a girl in mind when you were designing?

‘Like I do when I blog, I just have my followers in mind. I like to think that my followers are basically like me. So I designed it for myself, knowing that what I love my followers tend to love.

‘I like to think that my follower is the high street girl, who really loves fashion, and wants it to be affordable. So that’s what we were going for.’

Is there one celebrity you’d LOVE to see carrying your bags?

‘Erm, Kylie Jenner, of course!’

Is she a style icon of yours?

‘I think that there’s not one girl out there who would say that she isn’t! She’s just so cool!

‘But yeah, that would be the dream…’