Why Cara, Poppy & Co Love The ‘Lady Garden’ Sweatshirt

Would you wear a slogan sweatshirt with the words ‘Lady Garden’ emblazoned on the front? What if we told you it was for a charity campaign in association with the Gynaecological Cancer Fund and that pretty much every celeb you love has worn one? We thought you might think again.

>Instagram @TheWhitmore"> Laura Whitmore wearing the ‘Lady Garden’ sweatshirt. Image: Instagram @TheWhitmore

The ‘Lady Garden’ sweatshirt has been designed as part of a mission to try and change the future of female cancers. Because women are afraid to talk about their bodies, these cancers are nicknamed the ‘silent killers’ as women do not bring these issues up until it is too late. This campaign is all about changing that.

> Rosie Fortescue wearing the ‘Lady Garden’ sweatshirt. Image: Instagram @RosieFortescue

A shocking one third of women aged 16-25 are too embarrassed to go to the doctor about gynocological problems, while a crazy 65% of women feel uncomfortable using the word ‘vagina’.

> Cara Delevingne holding up the ‘Lady Garden’ jumper. Image: Instagram @CaraDelevingne

In order to change all this, the cancer fund has set about to get women talking about their downstairs area and are asking, ‘What do you call it?’ Women need to be more open and less shy in order to try and combat this type of cancer.

If you want to feel empowered and help women everywhere talk more openly about their bodies, the ‘Lady Garden’ sweatshirt will go on sale tomorrow at Topshop so you can join the charitable crew.

> Cressida Bonas wearing the ‘Lady Garden’ jumper. Image: Twitter

And what a star-studded charitable crew it is. The campaign has been fronted by the likes of Amber LeBon, Jazzyde Lisser, Anais Gallagher and Anouska Beckwith, who all slip into the Topshop and Simeon Farrar (of Black Score) designed sweat. 

But they’re not the only celebs to have got involved with the amazing campaign. Poppy Delevingne, sister Cara, Ellie Goulding, Cressida Bonas, Rosie Fortescue and Laura Whitmore are among the names who have joined the inspiring movement and we are next in the queue.

> Ellie Goulding wearing the ‘Lady Garden’ jumper. Image: Instagram @EllieGoulding

If you want to get involved in other ways, you can join the Instagram campaign. Simply write in huge letters the nickname of your lady garden with the hashtag #LadyGardenCampaign and spread the empowering message. Alternatively, you can make a £5 donation by texting LADYGARDEN to 70755.

By Amy de Klerk