Lady Gaga Is Red, White And Blue At The Super Bowl

Lady Gaga did a sterling job at kicking off proceedings at the 2016 Super Bowl this weekend.

Taking to the green inside Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, the pop goddess stood out a mile in a patriotic red suit, with platform boots that paid tribute to the national flag.

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Belting out the U.S national anthem, Gaga opted for a seriously sparkly red suit, custom-made by Gucci. Natch.

In a surprise twist, the Born This Way singer matched her ‘shadow to her suit, boasting a dramatic bright red lid.


It was an emotional performance, with Gaga herself visibly tearing up. Well, that’s one big job to take on. 

And it wasn’t just the music mogul that seemed to be feeling all the feels, Twitter was right there with her.

One user tweeted, ‘chunk in my throat and tears on my face from @ladygaga ‘s performance. chills. major chills.’

Yup, it was definitely a time for goosebumps. 


As well as the Super Bowl crowd, social media erupted into applause. One wrote, ‘@ladygaga is slaying once again. That’s my girl’, and another tweeted, ‘& the best singer for the national anthem goes to….@ladygaga #wow #amazing’.

But it wasn’t just her killer vocals that were grabbing attention. Well, that suit wasn’t going to go unnoticed now, was it? 

One quipped, ‘#SuperBowl50 is the first time I’ve seen @ladygaga wear pants. I was under the impression she didn’t believe in pants…’ 

It was only a matter of time before the memes began to start, and it seems that the internet agreed on one very big comparison.


Numerous tweets read along the lines of, ‘Now that Lady Gaga is finished, we can commence with the 23rd annual Hunger Games.’

Effie, like Gaga, is pretty eccentric and has buckets of style. So we think she’ll take the compliment…