Lady Gaga Prepares For Lift Off

Lady Gaga has just been unveiled by Virgin Galactic as the first performer to sing in outer space, and it seems like she’s getting her intergalactic fashion practice in early. The wacky pop princess hit the New York launch of her new album ARTPOP in a series of spacey outfits, including a flying dress called ‘Volantis’, designed by the Haus of Gaga.

Virgin Galactic – the space tourism arm of Richard Branson’s empire – revealed Lady Gaga will be blasted into outer space to sing a song at zero gravity as part of the out-of-this-world (see what we did there?) Zereo G Colony music concert. We’ve always thought she was from another planet – in a good way! – so something tells us she’ll be right at home.

Gaga has apparently taken out a ridiculously whopping life insurance policy, and will have to undergo a month’s worth of vocal training before lift off in late 2014. Well, at least she’s got her wardrobe sorted already!

By Gemma Gow