Lady Gaga Hits London In A Kooky Hairy Ensemble

Most of us step out in a dressy frock when we hit the town on a night out, but if you are Lady Gaga, it’s a full blown mission to wow the crowds and she certainly did that last night in London. 

Attending the HTC and Beats Audio party at Camden’s Roundhouse, at first glance you may think it is Addams Family’s Cousin Itt strutting along the pavement, but nope, it’s Lady Gaga in a crazy hairy ensemble. Topped with a matching hair-tastic hat, of course.

Cheryl Cole also attended the party, coming along to support her manager and close pal He Tweeted a photograph of the two of them having a giggle together and referred to Cheryl Cole as “Little Miss Tweety Bird”.

Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and in one room… That’s one heck of a party! LW


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