Label Lust! Lulu Guinness’ Arty Clutch Collaboration

Lulu Guinness’ iconic ‘Lips’ clutch bag is possibly one of our favourite pieces of investment arm candy ever, but the Brit designer’s latest creation gives it a run for it’s money in the must-have stakes.

Lulu has hooked up with artist Joseph Steele – a cutting edge artist dubbed heir to Damien Hirst by the Huffington Post – to create the Lulu Guinness Paint Project, a limited edition collection of clutch bags decorated with Steele’s signature paint explosions.

The adorably named Hug and Hold clutch sports Lulu’s trademark black and red colour palette¬† , as well as her now infamous Lip logo, and the unpredictable paint splatters make each one unique – as does the fact that every bag is signed and numbered by Lulu and Joseph themselves, adding to the luxe, investment feel.

In store and online on July 12th, the ¬£295 price tag makes for a definite arm candy investment, but with Lulu’s design credentials and Joseph’s art world kudos, you’re getting a major double whammy for your money. And just think, as well as carrying it around town, you could frame it or display it as a piece of art work. Trust us, this is a future fashion classic that’s well worth adding to your accessory collection.

By Gemma Gow