Kym Marsh Chats To LOOK

Kym Marsh wakes up every morning and kisses a box by her bed – inside are the ashes of baby Archie Jay, the son she loved… and lost. Kym and her Hollyoaks actor fiancé Jamie Lomas were devastated when Archie died after being born 18 weeks early in February 2009.  Now the Coronation Street actress and Jamie are parents to their three month-old daughter Polly. Here ex Hear’Say singer Kym, 34, talks loss, love and why she’ll never have lipo again.

LOOK: Did you get pregnant to get over Archie?

KM: No but I did have a gaping hole where he should have been. Polly is not a replacement for him because nothing will ever take his place but we wanted to have a baby to bring us together as a family.

LOOK: Have you missed being on Coronation Street?

KM: I really have. It’ll be nearly a year by the time I go back. It’ll be nice to get back into work and have something else to do!

LOOK: You and Jamie split after Archie died. Why?

KM: I wanted to put an end to it because there was so much uncertainty between us.

LOOK: Are you two stronger now than before?

KM: We have a bond like nobody else but we have a very volatile relationship. We row about silly things like putting the steriliser on!

LOOK: Is it true you’re married next year?

KM: Nothing’s confirmed. Right now a wedding is the last thing we’re thinking about but we’re very committed anyway.

LOOK: Have you been working out Abigail Clancy style to get your body back?

KM: I don’t know how she’s managed it. Getting up in the night and going to the gym is just not compatible!

LOOK: You’ve had a boob job and liposuction – any plans for more surgery?

KM: No, I’m going to the gym first! I’d had my kids years before, had trained in the gym and couldn’t get rid of my tummy.

LOOK: Do you feel sexier after pregnancy?

KM: No, I feel knackered and I’ve got lumps and bumps where they shouldn’t be!

From the Heart by Kym Marsh is published by Hodder & Stoughton and out now, £16.99.