Kylie, Kendall and Khloe’s Hilarious Snapchat Prank

When your surname reads Kardashian you can barely leave the house without being recognised by fans or hounded by paparazzi. However, on Friday three of the Kardashian sisters decided to shed their famous personas and go undercover for a few hours.

For their adventure, Kylie, Kendall and Khloe decided to wear some pretty out-there disguises and board a Hollywood bus tour. To make sure there was absolutely no chance of their plan being foiled they donned some crazy looking prosthetics.

Kendall wore with a fake nose, freckles and a red wig, whereas Kylie chose to wear short bangs, ear tunnels and glasses.



Khloe took home the top prize though looking completely unrecognisable as an old lady.


Luckily for us the whole thing was caught on camera. Kylie – queen of snapchat – shared their afternoon with us via the platform, natch.

The sisters boarded the tour bus as their alter egos (apparently tourists of Albuquerque) and the interactions they had were pretty damn hilarious.The tour guide and fellow passengers had NO idea who they were travelling with.  

They stayed in character throughout even when the tour guide asked, “Have you ever seen a red carpet?” What jokers! Funny moments include when the tour guide pointed out some local Kardashian hangouts, and Khloe’s alter ego shouted out “F–k those ho’s…The Kartrashians? I don’t wanna talk about those Kartrashians.” LOLs. And when the tour guide brought up Tyga and Kylie simply screams out “that’s not true”.



Sadly it wasn’t long before the paps  saw the Snapchats and caught up with the stars. This led to the trio abandoning their mission and running for shelter.

The snapchat story had Twitter in stitches. Even Kourtney couldn’t get enough…

“Omg!! I have never laughed so hard watching @khloekardashian on @KylieJenner snapchat. I’m literally crying. Khloe you are just it for me,” Kourt tweeted.

To see more videos from their adventures check out the Kylie Jenner snapchat Instagram @kylizzlessnapchats.

Pics: @kylizzlessnapchats