Kylie Jenner’s Wig-Maker Spills All About Her Hair

Kylie Jenner has some of the coolest hair in the ‘biz. But of course, it’s not all her own.

The 17-year-old is not only a fan of hair extensions (she even has her own Bellami extensions line), but she’s also partial to a wig or too. And after debuting her new green locks yesterdau, her wig designer Tokyo Stylez has been dishing on her ever-changing barnet. 

‘She is amazing, very down to earth’, he told MTV of his celebrity client, who first reached out to him after spotting his amazing creations on Instagram.

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Kylie Jenner and wig-creator Tokyo Stylez cosy up on Instagram Kylie Jenner and wig-creator Tokyo Stylez cosy up on Instagram


Speaking of when Kylie first asked him to create that icy blue wig from last month, Tokyo said: ‘She took the pressure off immediately because of her humbling and welcoming spirit. She is very particular and she broke it down to me exactly how she wanted it. One thing about her is she knows what she wants.’

We can imagine. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s Smurf-inspired tresses looked so real at the time, which left us facinated – just how do Stylez’s wigs look so seamless? 

Explaining his and Kylie’s process, he said: ‘She sent me her head measurements, and I got started with a wig block on a wig stand. I envisioned her hairline, and I started building the wig piece from scratch.’ 


‘When it came time to color the wig, I dyed it once and sent a picture of it to Kylie. She liked it, but she had some comments to fine-tune it, so I redid the color a bit’, he told Allure magazine. 

It took ‘about a day and a half’ to make Kylie’s blue hair, with Tokyo adding: ‘We were communicating through text and FaceTime, so that delayed it. Kylie literally had a say in every step of the process.’

And it’s not just Jenner he’s been helping to make over. Stylez also works with Rihanna, and was the man behind her epic grey hair for that Tush Magazine shoot last year after his friend Yusef Williams (and RiRi’s hairstylist) hooked him up. 

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kylie jenner with short blue wig Kylie was even seen working a shorter version of her Smurfs-inspired wig


‘When [Yusef] calls for [Rihanna], things tend to stop and I get on their request right away,’ he said. ‘Their whole team is great and gave me a lot of creative control. They let me do me, and that’s always fun.’ 

It’s clear wigs are having a bit of a moment right now in the celebrity world. But whilst we’re totally on board with extensions, it’s still mega daunting to imagine actually rocking a wig out on the town. 

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rihanna with grey hair for tush magazine Tokyo was also responsible for Rihanna’s epic grey wig from her Tush Magazine shoot


But Toyko insists they’re popular for a reason. ‘You don’t have to worry about your real hair – you can keep it healthy, and you can keep it growing’, he said. ‘The idea of wigs is growing on young people because wigs can look even better than your real hair.’

‘It’s just hair, and you can always change it’, he added.

It’s tempting, but with Stylez’s wigs ranging from $650 to $4,000, we may have to save up a little first.