Kylie Jenner’s Music Career: The Truth Is Out

There have been so many rumours about Kylie Jenner‘s new music career that we’ve actually lost count. But finally, the reality TV star has addressed the whispers and given us all the answer we were waiting for.

The 17-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is a dedicated Snapchat user, and has been posting sing-a-long videos for weeks now with her BFF (and stylist) Pia Mia by her side.

> Kylie Jenner has reportedly been going for singing lessons, mum Kris recently revealed


And with her boyfriend Tyga currently killing it in music world, many are saying that these two could be working on a project together. Could this be true?

On top of this, mum Kris has previously revealed that Kylie has been taking vocal lessons – on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris said that she sounded ‘amazing.’ No wonder everyone’s been talking!

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But now, Kylie has slammed the rumours with a single tweet, posting yesterday: ‘Focusing all my energy on making my new website amazing when it launches. not making music.’ Oh. 

So what’s this website she speaks of? Well, it sounds like it will make many of Kylie’s fans’ days, tbh.  

> Kylie Jenner is launching a new lifestyle website, offering up her top hair and makeup tips


‘I am really excited I’m coming out with a new website this summer’, she recently said. The lifestyle site, that she has regularly tweeted to her fans about, will include a further insight into the teen star’s life and passions.

‘I am just super excited about that… Everyone wants to see my make-up tips and what I do with my hair and this and that’, she added. Yep, us included.

> Kylie Jenner has just admitted that she’s missing her long blue extensions


Speaking of hair, it seems the biggest hair chameleon in showbiz might be getting bored of her long black extensions already. Tweeting yesterday that she was pining for her grungy green dip dye, Kylie wrote: ‘Missing my blue hair immensely.’

Could we see a new look coming soon from the youngest Jenner sister? If her past track record is anything to go by, we reckon so.