Kylie Jenner’s Gym Regime Is Nothing Like We Thought

Kylie Jenner is fast becoming out pin-up girl for super cool swimwear. And after she flaunted her super hot bikini body on Instagram earlier this week, we had only one thought – DEM ABS.

So when we caught up with our latest LOOK cover star, we just had to find out what she does to stay in shape, and grill her on her healthy eating plan. And there were certainly a few surprises in there…  

Your sister Khloe recently showed off her abs on Instagram – do you two ever hit the gym together?

I have not worked out a day in my life. It’s really bad, I think I need to start for the health benefits. I also really feel like everything I eat is catching up with me. 

kylie jenner in a cream bikini Kylie Jenner has always been seriously body-confident


Are you quite relaxed about your diet then? 

I drink a lot of water. I love cold-pressed juice, especially with carrots. I read an article recently about this lady who never drank water, and then she drank three litres everyday for a month and she looked 10 years younger, no joke.

It’s nearly summer, will you be going to any festivals

Yes, I really like Coachella. Although I’ve only been once, [so] I haven’t really got my festival badge yet. but I really enjoyed that, minus the camping – that’s not for me! 


It seems like you and your sisters are working or on the red carpet 24/7, what would you do on a day off?

I love pampering days. I’d take a two hour bath and just scrub my whole body and get all my fake tan off. I love lotions so I could sit for hours just applying them, one after the next. I also like to put my hair in coconut oil.

What have you got planned when you get back to LA? We know you recently purchased your first home… 

Yes, I’m moving out soon, so that’s really exciting. I can’t wait!  

See our full Kylie Jenner interview in this week’s issue of LOOK, out now!

kylie jenner in a black kim bikini If this is what your body looks like with no gyming, then we’re in