Kylie Jenner Talks Publically About Tyga (And *That* Split)

Kylie Jenner‘s had a bit of a rocky week with on/off boyfriend Tyga. So of course, it was the hot topic of conversation when she appeared on The Ellen Show last night.

The show won’t be aired until Monday, but we got a sneak peek and the 18-year-old’s chat with Ellen DeGeneres, who grilled her on her love life.  

Despite those rumours that the pair split on Tyga’s birthday last week over ‘something Tyga did’, Kylie was quick to assure the chat show host that all was fine in her relationship.

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> Kylie confirmed that her and the rapper were ‘still together’…


Looking gorgeous in a mink coloured velvet House Of CB dress, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said: ‘No. We’re not broken up’.

She then went on to add a pretty vague and non-committal comment about where her and her man are at right now.

‘We just honestly… We became best friends before anything happened so I think that, that’s awesome and we’re just like… I don’t know. Hanging out. Living life.’

> Kylie and Tyga were rumoured to have fallen out last week on his birthday


Ellen replied: ‘What does that mean, hanging out?’ 

‘That’s it’, Jenner responded coyly, before being pressed to confirm that they were an item again: ‘We’re still together’, she said.

Well, that’s that then! Ellen then asked about that £212,000 Ferrari that Tyga bought her on her 18th birthday back in August.

‘I drove it here’, Jenner laughed.

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> Kylie Jenner recently shared a throwback bikini snap frrom her holiday to Mexico


Clearly all is well in camp Kylie and Tyga, and the teenager definitely held her own on the huge US talk show. But did you know that she was apparently nearly sick before going on?

Posting a Snapchat video of her in her dress about to go and meet Ellen, Kylie tole her fans: ‘I’m about to go on Ellen, I’m a little nervous…’

And sources have claimed that those nerves were next level. Poor thing!

>Instagram"> The pair have been dating for a few months now, with Tyga regularly featuring on Kylie’s Instagram


‘She had such bad nerves before going on Ellen she almost threw up,’ a source told HollywoodLife. ‘She’s a big fan of Ellen so she was kind of star struck and on top of that having a huge studio audience yelling at her, it was terrifying.’

‘She’s just starting to do stuff outside the family brand and she’s very nervous,’ it added.

Naw. Well, you would never have known. She totally aced it.