This Is What Kylie Jenner Was Really Like At School

It’s easy to forget that Kendall and Kylie Jenner were at school throughout the early seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

After leaving LA’s Sierra Canyon School in 2012, the pair signed up with a private tutor. And in between their hectic filming and modelling schedules, they were busy with their studies.

Kendall graduated in 2014 and her little sister finished earlier this year – but Kylie clearly made a big impression on their teacher Tiffany Sorya.

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Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner graduated this summer


The ladies have become good friends, and now Tiffany has answered a revealing Q&A on Kylie’s website. Ooh.

So what WAS Kylie like to teach?

Tiffany says: ‘Outspoken, lol. Opinionated. She hated subjects that tested her ability to come up with the right answer and really enjoyed talking about things and exploring ideas.

Tiffany Sorya Tiffany Sorya is now close to Kendall and Kylie Jenner (Photo:


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‘I think Kylie and I read about six novels out loud to each other. Not because she couldn’t read on her own, but because it was more fun to be able to talk about why the author was writing about this character or what he/she meant when writing about that subject.

‘It made the books come to life. Anything I could do to make even the most mundane subject less dull was going to make the school day better for both of us; so that’s what I tried to do.’

Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner now has her diploma


And did Tiffany learn anything unexpected about Kylie while teaching her?

She continues: ‘She’s an open book. Kylie is Kylie and it doesn’t matter if she’s around her teacher, her friends, her mum or whoever; she’s always the same person.

‘She taught me how to embrace who I was and not be afraid to always be myself.

Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner is ‘incredibly perceptive’


‘She’s also incredibly perceptive. She can seriously read between the lines when it comes to most things, including literature. She brought up points about books that I had never even thought of.’

Impressive. It seems Kylie’s a lot smarter than people give her credit for.