Kylie Jenner Talks Make-Up, Instagram And Exes

Kylie Jenner‘s just landed the May cover of Teen Vogue. And inside, she gets honest about Instagram comments, being bored of her hair and how even she stalks her exes…

The 17-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star looked totally gorgeous on the cover in a beige safari jacket, toning down her make-up in favour of a bronzed base, a subtle brown eyeshadow and just a dab of mascara, while her famous pout was swept with a light gloss.

In another shot, Kylie’s seen working a grunge ballgown look in a long olive green satin dress and with dreadlocks piled on top of her had. Striking.

kylie jenner teen vogue Kylie Jenner working a simple white vest and a grungey make-up look for Teen Vogue


As well as her pared-down new look, the reality TV star also opened up about her Instagram account, which now has over 20 million followers and which sees Kylie posting dolled-up selfied on a near daily basis.

‘Today I posted my Instagram picture three different times’, she confessed. ‘I kept deleting it and re-posting it because I kept looking at the comments and they were bad comments. And I was like, “Ahhh!” and I kept re-posting it.’ 

‘The people who take the time to write these comments are so mean and hateful, like they just want to come at you and hurt you.’ Poor KJ. But she’s learnt to try and have a thick skin about it.

kylie jenner dreadlocks in a green ballgown for teen vogue Loving those dreadlocks, Kylie!


‘You can read 1,000 nice comments but remember the mean one. I think you should only really listen to what your family and your close friends say. I try to let it go in one ear and out the other and just stay positive.’ Amen to that.

Now to her make-up, which usually sees the teenager working huge falsies, thick kohl eyeliner and a dramatically-lined pout.

‘I never really wear makeup unless I need to, because when I do my makeup I like to really do my makeup,’ Kylie explaned.

‘So I’m never going to spend just 20 minutes, you know? A good night out is, like, two and a half hours for full makeup, curling hair, whatever. I love false lashes – individuals, strips, extensions.’ Phew. We’re loving that honesty, KJ.

kylie jenner blue contact lenses instagram selfie Kylie Jenner admits that often deleted her Instagram selfies if they get too many negative comments


And then, in a surprise confession, rapper Tyga’s girlfriend admitted that even she is partial to a little stalking of the ex… 

‘I follow all these fashion blogs that are cool and inspire me’, she said of who she likes on Instagram. I’m not really obsessed with anyone except for the people that I like romantically. I get excited when they post. Sometimes I like to stalk my exes.’

See, she’s just a normal girl like the rest of us. Well, despite those big cartoon-like Bambi eyes, those out-of-this-world lips and that closet full of Cartier… *Sigh*.