Kylie Jenner Reveals Who Sparked Her Love Of Fashion

Kylie Jenner is, arguably, one of the biggest teen icons around right now. 

With a big sister as influential as Kim Kardashian, it can be understood that it might be pretty tough to carve out your own fashion identity. But Kylie seems to have managed it. Nailed it, in fact. 

With a social media following that reaches over 35 million fans across her various platforms, this 17-year-old is a star in her own right – and she sure has got her own signature style to boot. 



In an interview with InStyle Magazine, the youngest Jenner has opened up about what first influenced her interest in fashion. Or, to be more precise, which of her siblings first sparked her interest. And it’s probably not who you may expect it to be. 

She said: “I remember the moment I first got into fashion. It was years ago, I was going to church with Khloe on Easter morning and she put on this floral dress with a denim jacket over the top. It made me begin thinking about style and how people put different looks together. I’ve been into clothes ever since.”

> Kylie with her mum and sisters back in 2013


Like any teen, she recalls the times before her style evolution, revealing that she cringes at some of her past appearances on her family’s hit reality show: “Sometimes I look back at myself on previous seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and think, ‘Why didn’t you let your hair down then, or put on something nicer?’ I think now I’m much more aware when the cameras are around and I do doll up a lot more.”

Looking at the most recent snaps of Kylie, particularly her pouty Instagram selfies, a real likeness can be drawn between her and Kim. In the past, Kim has hailed her younger sister as her biggest style crush, but it seems that Kylie looks to all of her sisters for a little inspo now and then, depending on her mood. 

She revealed, “I feel like I dress like Khloe on my down days and Kim when I’m going out.”

> Kim Kardashian took Kylie along for a red carpet appearance back in 2013


And it’s not just her sisters that inspire her. “I think my style is a little bit darker thanks to my mum. There are a lot of skulls around her house and the furniture is mostly black and white. She wears a lot of black too, and I think that’s definitely rubbed off on me.” Cute.

> Like mother, like daughter…


She continues: “If I’m just running out I’ll throw on a cute T-shirt, a pair of leggings and my Timberland boots. If I’m dressing up I love Céline and Saint Laurent, or for accessories Alaïa, Givenchy or Gianvito Rossi.”

> Kylie has previously admitted that her teal hair shade has been her favourite


What a mix for a young teen, eh? We sure wish we could have experimented with these designer names at that age (no offence, Mum’s closet).

Money is another topic that Kylie discussed in her interview with Just like any teen experiencing growth into adulthood, Kylie recalls being cut-off by her parents. No more pocket money for you, KJ.

> Kylie’s unique style has always included a real mix of experimental hair shades.


Fiercely independent in so many ways (the star recently purchased her very first home, which she plans to move into as soon as she turns 18), the star revealed: “My Mum [Kris Jenner] cut me off financially three years ago so I pay for everything – my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes…”

> Kylie was recently mobbed by her fans as she launched her new Topshop range with sister Kendall


Does she have any fashion regrets? Like any 17-year-old, ‘course she does: “There are so many outfits I bought in the past that I just think now are NOT cute – but there’s not very much I can do about it!’”

True dat.

By Laura Jane Turner