Kylie Jenner Has A Rainy Day Fashion Nightmare

Kylie Jenner suffered from every girl’s rainy day nightmare when she stepped out in California earlier this week.  

You know when you step out for dinner in your hottest LBD (having decided it’s definitely a bare legs kind of night), but forget to pack that handy umbrella?

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kylie jenner snapchat Kylie was wearing this LBD and bomber when the rain struck on Sunday night…


Yep, well that happened to Kylie. The 18-year-old was leaving trendy eatery Sugarfish Sushi after dinner when the heavens opened and put a serious dampener on her look. 

Rocking a skintight black mini dress, a Zoe Karssen bomber jacket and black trainers, Kylie was caught in a downpour as she headed to her car, but it was her reaction that was hilarious.

kylie jenner check coat Kylie’s fashion credentials are always on point, no matter what the weather…


Squealing and grimacing as she fought with the unexpected weather, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was heard yelping as she realised her fashion faux pas. We’ve ALL been there, girl…

Even worse, her hair and make-up was immaculate beforehand, with her long raven curls looking on point and her Dolce lip (from the Kylie Lip Kit) firmly in place. Rain and good make-up does NOT mix well.

kylie jenner jeans and a cap Kylie’s Lip Kits recently went back on sale after selling out in minutes…


Once safe and dry in the car, however, Kylie then filmed a Snapchat video telling her fans that her Kylie Lip Kits were back in stock, and that she had been working on faster shipping for her fans.

The teen has also been busy working out with her sisters, ahead of the over-indulgent festive period.

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Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe have been working out with their waist trainers... Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe have been working out with their waist trainers…


Sharing a snap of her, Kourtney and Khloe in their waist trainers on Instagram, Kylie wrote: ‘Posted up with my babes getting our waists right with @premadonna87 @waistgangsociety.’

Jenner was also seen working out on her personal power plate (yep, she’s got one at home) on Snapchat, whilst rocking a comfy grey workout suit. 

*Sigh*. Why do we never look that glam whilst working out?

kylie jenner power plate An at-home power plate? Of course she has one!