Kylie Jenner Has Had A Bit Of A Rant On Twitter

Kylie Jenner doesn’t often let rip on Twitter, but over the weekend, she just couldn’t help but tweet her true feelings over an issue close to her heart.

The 19-year-old isn’t exactly new to the spotlight, having been filmed since her young teenage days on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But that doesn’t mean she’s used to it quite yet.

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kylie jenner close up Kylie says she’s witnessed two car crashes because of the paps


In a new Twitter rant, the teenager has raged about the effect the paparazzi have on her life. 

Kylie kicked off with: ‘Paparazzi are so disrespectful on a whole other level.’

The star then continued to say that the lengths they go to are just not okay, adding: ‘I’m ok with what they do I’ve accepted it. Just respect me & we will be all good.’ 

kylie jenner in ripped jeans Kylie’s been living her life under the lens since she was a young teen…


The reason for her anger then became evident, with the teenager adding a pretty terrifying statement. 

‘I’ve seen 2 car accidents in the last WEEK caused by paparazzi’, she tweeted. Crikey. 

Kylie’s tweets came just days after the star posted a picture of her leaving a building to be greeted by a swarm of cameras. 

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kylie jenner paparazzi Kylie shared this image on Instagram with the caption: ‘Life’


‘Life’, she captioned the image simply.

We can only imagine what it’s like to live out your teenage years under such intense scrutiny, but we have to hand it to her – Jenner seems to handle it pretty well.

And her weekend wasn’t just spent ranting on Twitter – the reality TV star also found time to hit the gym with sister Kourtney Kardashian (this close to Christmas? We’re impressed!).

kylie jenner and kourtney kardashian working out Kylie also spent her weekend working out with sister Kourtney


She’s also been busy hosting yet another Christmas party at her swanky LA mansion with a whole host of pals.

So, it’s not all bad, this being a famous millionaire milarky, is it eh Kylie?

kylie jenner christmas tree Kylie’s been enjoying tonnes of Christmas parties on Instagram