Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Being The Youngest Kardashian

Instagram: @KylieJenner

Kylie Jenner has it pretty tough. 

A bold statement to make about somebody who’s family has brought them fame and fortune, but when you really think about it, she kinda does.

Most of us lived out our difficult teenage years behind closed doors, being free to make mistakes and find out who we really are. Our biggest fear was probably a strict – but private – telling off from our parents. Oh, memories…

The youngest Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians star has had to do all of that, with the added weight of public scrutiny. Living her life in front of the cameras, both welcome and not-so-welcome. 

In her interview with FAULT Magazine, the issue’s cover star opens up about these difficulties, revealing that she has closed down a bit as a result. She said, “I feel like, growing up, I haven’t had a lot of room for error – I don’t have room to make mistakes. You need to.. but I’m just a little different because the whole world is watching me. So I closed my door a little, just until I get a bit older.” 

Many would argue that Kim Kardashian’s little sister rivals her when it comes to social media attention. Kylie’s now-famous Instagram page offers a series of attention-grabbing selfies. But Kylie insists that what she puts out there is carefully thought out. In her interview with FADE, she says, “On Instagram I’m like a different person almost, I just show people what I want people to see.” 



Recently caught in an internet storm between Kanye West’s ex-flame Amber Rose and big sister Khloe Kardashian, speculation of her rumoured relationship with rapper Tyga has been at an all time high. She insists she doesn’t feel the need for a man in her life: “I don’t think I need a significant other to be happy.”

But the 17 year old then goes on to reveal, “I think it makes me a lot happier when I’m sharing my life with somebody.” 



The cover boasts three shots, with Kylie showing different sides to her eclectic style. One features her famous lace-detail beanie, which she styled up with an Alexander Wang crop top. Nodding to her urban edge, she’s adorned with chunky gold accessories and a vampy lip. 

Ms Jenner is not scared of switching up her style and trying something new – just one of the things we love about her! In her second cover shot, she borrowed her sister Khloe’s famous bunny ears, with her hair knotted into a girly fishtail braid. 

She adds, “I’m not materialistic, I love clothes and all that stuff, but I don’t need it to live.”



Kris Jenner’s daughter may not need it to live, but she sure has a flare for fashion. Having already collaborated with PacSun and Topshop, this young stylista is set to have a long career in the industry. 

No stanger to speculation, the latest rumours surrounding Kylie include a TV spin-off series with model sister Kendall, who’s been taking over the catwalks and the FROWs at fashion week. 

We sure hope it’s true, as we’d LOVE to see more of this stylish pairing on our screens. 

By Laura Jane Turner

Photographer: Lionel Deluy