Kylie Jenner On Selfies, Skincare And THOSE Lips

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Over the past 12 months, Kylie Jenner‘s popularity has totally skyrocketed, and her Instagram selfies are now some of the most talked-about in showbiz. Which is why she just had to be LOOK’s cover girl this week.

We caught up with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star in London to talk all things beauty and were blown away by her striking resemblance to Kim. Dressed in all black, she was all fluttery lashes and contoured cheekbones with a pillar-box red pout – and yes, those lips are just as big in real life..

Hi Kylie! You always seem to have such a packed schedule, what are your traveling essentials?

I always carry my sunglasses with me. I also love Nip+Fab’s Dragons Blood Fix Gel, it’s really hydrating, I put it on whenever my skin feels tight. I used it on the plane over here – it’s a must-have for traveling. 

> Kylie Jenner admits she uses nearly 10 lip liners to get the perfect pout


We noticed you have been taking plenty of hotel room selfies while you’re over here, what are your top selfie tips? 

It’s all about the lighting, if you don’t have good lighting, it just won’t come out cute. I don’t use any Instagram filters – just a whole bunch of different apps.

Your photos have lead to lots of speculation about your lips. How do you get that perfect pout? 

I’m obsessed with lip liners – everyone always asks me which ones I use, but I don’t just have one, I have at least 10 nude liners alone. 

> Kylie Jenner’s skin always looks flawless, along with her edgy style


Complete this sentence: ‘I would never take a selfie without…’

My strip lashes, I love them day or night. I always pick ones that look whispy and feathery.  

You always look flawless, what’s your skincare secret?

A good moisturiser. I’m obsessed with anything with lavender in it. It’s nice to use before bed to calm me. Having good skin definitely makes me feel more confident.

Check out this week’s issue of LOOK, out today, for our full Kylie Jenner interview!

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