Kylie Jenner On Kendall, Khloe And Kim Kardashian’s Hair

Kylie Jenner has some of the most famous sisters in the land. Which is why, when we sat down with our latest LOOK cover star, we took the chance to grill her about Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

So, who gives the best beauty tips? Whose wardrobe does Kylie love to raid the most? And, is she really jealous of sister Kendall’s success? Kylie reveals all…

Of course we want to grill you about your infamous sisters – which of them is the best for beauty advice?

Khloe’s great. The best thing she taught me was to apply SPF to your face, as well as your hands. You can always tell someone’s age from their hands.

kylie and kendall jenner with khloe kardashian Kylie Jenner says half-sister Khloe Kardashian gives the best beauty advice


Kim shocked us all with her peroxide hair, would you ever consider a transformation like that? 

Absolutely. I think it looks amazing on her, I love changing up my hair colour too!

You’re often seen posing with your sister Kendall on the red carpet, how do you switch up your look for the night? 

I always add glitter, I love it!

kim kardashian with peroxide blonde hair in game of thrones outfit Kylie Jenner says she thought Kim Kardashian’s peroxide hair looked ‘amazing’ on her


Do you feel under pressure to look super glam the time? 

I’ve been using the same stylist for my whole life. Her name is Monica Rose [she used to be Kim’s stylist] and we have such a fun time raiding my wardrobe. Every few months we throw things out and start again.

Lots of people have been saying that you’re copying Kim’s style. How do you feel about that?

I probably idolise North’s clothes the most [laughs] but I’d probably say [I envy] my sister Kim and Kanye’s style the most – Kim always has the newest things and I just love everything. I go to her first when I need style advice.

kylie jenner and kendall with kim kardashians at the vmas Kylie Jenner says she goes to half-sister Kim Kardashian first for style advice


We thought you would say Kendall, especially now she’s a top catwalk model! Has that been difficult to deal with? 

She’s done amazing, I am so proud of her. She really is living the life.

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kylie and kendall jenner selfie pout Kylie says she is happy for sister Kendall and her incredible modelling career